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Financial Decision Making
Understanding Your Options

This book will help you make sound financial decisions that will ultimately lead to growing your finances and most importantly, it will help you Understand Your Options in earning, managing, and cultivating your finances.


"Dr. Martin takes an in-depth look at the fundamental components of personal financing. He provides to the reader an understanding of terms and ideologies that are critical to managing money in the 21st century. His commitment to educating individuals at every income and educational level and his insight on handling financial challenges is highly commendable. This is a must read for individuals looking to create a strategy for a successful financial future." 

                                           -Michelle D. Jackson, CEO, PR Solutions LLC

"Dr. Dennis Martin is one of the wisest and finest writers in the field of personal finance. This book contains gems of wisdom that will help individuals achieve financial peace of mind."

                                  -Rev. Robert L. Orr, Founder/Senior Pastor, Christ In Me

This book is a must read for anyone who does not have a magic money-producing tree in their backyard.  It is full of practical guidelines and knowledge that will help you manage your money so that it lasts and grows.  Sadly, too many of us are becoming experts at living from paycheck to paycheck instead of becoming experts at wealth creation.  This book is a catalyst for changing that scenario. I will definitely be recommending it to my clients.”

                                          -Brian Crewe, PhD, Leadership and Success Coach

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